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Qigong Training

Shaolin Animal Style, Tai Chi Quan and Green Mountain Spirit Fist

We offer personalized training in Qigong, meditation, breathing and energy control. Qigong improves personal awareness and general health giving a freedom in both mind and body. 



Hypnotherapy is a powerful means of gaining positive lifestyle improvements and management skills for better overall health, wellness and performance. There are 146 ways that Hypnotherapy may help you. 

Emotional Regulation Therapy


Emotional Regulation Therapy works with the mind and body to release negative energy that is trapped in body memory while simultaneously replacing the negative emotion with a positive emotion. 

Bio-Feedback Therapy


Bio-Feedback uses technology to train the mind and body to be congruent. This allows the para sympathetic nervous system to release triggers that can cause anxiety and other emotional ailments 



We offer full spectrum counseling for all areas of life and family

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Each person is unique and individual. What gives one person anxiety may not be the same as another. What works for one person may not work for another. We work to offer each person what we believe to be the best solution to reach their desired results. 

What We Do

About the Center


Dr. Knotts is a retired Pastor that is trained in Theology, Psychology, Emotional Regulation Therapy, Bio-Feedback and Hypnotherapy. He has worked in the counseling field for over 30 years as a Christian Psychologist, Pastoral Counselor, Chaplain, and Hypnotherapist. He has over 40 years experience in Martial Arts and is a Qigong Spirit Fist Master. I began the Qigong and Health Center to help individuals achieve improvements in lifestyle and health. This is done as a ministry to help others and works on gifts and donations. 

Emotional Regulation Therapy


ERT works through releasing trapped negative energy which is stored in the body as memory. By removing the negative energy and replacing it with positive reinforcement many problems can be overcome. It is especially helpful in disorders of unknown origin. 

HeartMath & EM Wave


Heartmath is a technology that is used to aid the individual in revitalizing and rejuvenation of the mind and body. The heart rate variable technology is based on years of research on emotional stress and performance. Through objectively monitoring your heart rhythm you can  learn how to bring coherence, which is an optimal state in which the  heart, mind and emotions are operating in sync and in balance. This has been proven to have incredible mental, emotional and physical benefits. 

The Connection Between the Mind, Body and Soul


Dr. Tom Knotts

Dr. Knotts is trained in Psychology, Theology, Hypnotherapy, Qigong, Tai Chi Quan, and Biblical based Christian Counseling with 30 years experience in helping people to have a happier and healthier lifestyle. It all begins in the mind. When you decide to take control of your life I will come along side and join you to aid you in your journey to a healthier-happier and better you.



A healthy body is key to fullness of life. We all have different limiting factors, including age, weight, physical and medical problems. Improper eating habits, excessive stress and other factors can hinder us from achieving an optimum lifestyle. By taking control of our habits such as how and what we eat, how we process stress, or how we make decisions, we can improve and expand our ability for activity, increase our joy and ability to move from surviving life to thriving in life. The mind and body working together can achieve great things.



Your soul is the part of you that makes decisions. There are three areas of intelligence, the brain, the heart and the organs. Having congruence between the brain, heart and bowels allows the peripheral nervous system to properly regulate emotions resulting in greater freedom and control n our lives. The soul works with the mind and body in every aspect of life. When all three work in harmony  the mind and body experience peace and this opens the doorway of joy and happiness. 

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