What Biofeedback Is

Anything that can be measured can be changed. Biofeedback gives you real time feedback on what is happening in your body and brain. This allows you to make changes to how your body responds and function. Click the link below for more information:

How We Use Biofeedback

Here at the center we use biofeedback in the releasing of stress and anxiety.  We use biofeedback with hypnosis for greater control which brings about better, more permanent change and the results that benefit the individual for health and performance.

Biofeedback in practice

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Biofeedback is not a new technology. It has been used in the field of sports and sports medicine for several decades now. Biofeedback has now grown to where it is used for training muscles, relieving stress and anxiety , changing brain activities and many more areas of health. Neurofeedback, working with the brain and how it functions is also a type of biofeedback.