Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Therapy for Better Health


What Heart Rate Variability Is

The link below explains what Heart Rate Variability is and how it works:


Heart Rate Variability Therapy

HRV Therapy trains the mind and body to work together creating congruency. Through focus and breathing training the body can release stress and remove triggers that cause body ailments and malformities'. 

Real Life Feedback

What makes HRV such an incredibly powerful tool is that is allows the participant to watch how their body is functioning and then allow them to make modifications to retrain the mind and body. This creates optimal performance in living and dealing with life and social issues. 


I am often asked how can HRV work for me? The answer is simply. Biofeedback reconnects the Vargas nerve allowing the sympathetic and para-sympathetic system to release stress and train the mind and body to function at optimal levels for optimal performance and freedom. heart rate variability- biofeedback therapy -cognitive behavioral therapy for a better you. This link gives more information on how it can work for you: