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What Hypnotherapy Is

People often wonder why they can't break bad habits or take control of their lives. The reason is that our minds are mostly unconscious. The conscious mind is made up of less than 20% of the mind with up to 88% being the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is where we have our decision, ability for reason, logic, and will. The truth of the matter is this: If the unconscious mind does not cooperate with the conscious mind than change will be very hard-if not impossible to achieve. Hypnotherapy allows the person to go into their unconscious mind and plant suggestions that will make the whole mind work together, creating the desired changes for better lifestyle and social improvements. 

What is Suggestibility

Why are some people easy to hypnotize while others say they cannot be hypnotized. The truth is everyone can be hypnotized. there are four primary ways that a person learns. This is called their suggestibility. By identifying a persons suggestibility the proper induction method can be used to induce hypnosis. You can be hypnotized enjoying personal betterment in lifestyle, work practice, emotional control and mind- body regulation.

146 Ways that Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Abandonment        Addictions      ADD/ADHD      Age Regression        Aggression       Agoraphobia

Anesthesia        Anger       Anxiety      Assertiveness        Assist Healing       Attitude Adjustment

Bedwetting         Biofeedback       Breathing        Career Success      Change Habits       Childbirth

Chronic Pain      Communication        Concentration        Controlling         Cramps        Cravings

Creativity        Death or Loss        Discouraged        Dreams        Exercise        Fear of Animals

Fear of Death         Fear of Dentists        Fear of Doctors         Fear of Failure        Fear of Flying     

Fear of Heights     Fear of Loss of Control     Fear of Needles     Fear of Success     Fear of Surgery

Fear of Water       Forgiveness     Frustration     Gagging     Gambling     Guilt        Hair Twisting

Headaches        Helplessness      Hopelessness      Hostility      Hypertension        Hypochondria

Immune System     Impotency      Improve Health       Improve Sales     Indecision      Inferiority

Inhibition  Insecurity    Insomnia    Irrational Thoughts    Irritability   Jealousy    Lack of Ambition

Lack of Direction        Lack of Enthusiasm         Lack of Initiative          Lower Blood Pressure

Medication Side Effects    Memory    Mistrust   Moodiness   Motivation   Nail-Biting     Nausea

Negativity     Nightmares   Obsessions   Obsessive-Compulsive    Overeating     Overly Critical

Pain Management    Panic Attacks   Passive-Aggressive   Past Life Regression     Perfectionism

Performance Anxiety   Pessimism    Phobias   Postsurgical   Premature Ejaculation   Pre-surgical

Problem Solving   Procrastination   PTSD   Public Speaking   Reach Goals   Rejection   Relations

Relationship Enhancement      Relaxation   Resistance to Change   Responsibility   Restlessness

Sadness       Self-Awareness       Self-Blame     Self-Confidence     Self-Control     Self-Criticism

Self-Defeating Behaviors      Self-Esteem     Self-Expression   Self-Forgiveness   Self-Hypnosis

Self-Image     Self-Mastery      Sexual Problems      Shame      Skin Problems      Sleep Disorders

Smoking       Social Phobia      Sports      Stage Fright     Stress     Stubbornness     Study Habits

Stuttering      Substance Abuse      Sugar Addiction      Superiority     Tardiness      Temptation

Tinnitus        Test Anxiety       Thumb Sucking       Tics      Trauma       Ulcers      Victimization

Weight Loss       Worry       Writer's Block