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The Body and Energy

In todays fitness world its not hard to find people teaching classes on Tai Chi, Yoga or Qigong. But Qigong is much more than physical exercise or stretching movements. Qigong, or as it is referred to in Kung Fu, Chi Gung, is about the life force  of the body. The human person is made up of three parts; a body, a soul and a spirit. Physical exercise promotes better health to the body while strengthening the mind and constitution. Qigong is the  practice of controlling the spirit. Through the use of meditation, breathing and focusing the mind, the practitioner controls their spirits energy.  Qigong connects the meridians of the body while moving energy thought the pressure points allowing the release of negative energy and through grounding to the earth pulling in fresh, healing energy revitalizing the mind, body and soul. Dr. Knotts is a personal trainer. Book your session today

Upcoming Seminars and Personal Classes

Available seminars will be taking place in the Ocala, Fl. area every quarter. Personal classes are also available. Schedule you personal class today. Dr. Knotts can be booked for exhibitions or seminar's.

Personal classes starting at $25 for a single

Personal Classes for only $25 per hour. Discounted rates are offered for couple or small groups at $15 an hour per person. I also offer your choice of location. I have met with individuals in their home, parks, etc. 


The body runs on electrical energy with the heart producing a large field that extends beyond the outstretched arms of the individual. Medical Science has caught up  with the Eastern Practice of Qigong. Through the use of spectrograph imaging the energy fields of the body can be viewed showing the movement of the bodies energy. Through the use of Qigong the bodies meridians are opened and enlarged producing more energy and flow in and out of the body and through the bodies meridians. Just like the wiring in your home allows energy to move throughout the home your meridians allow energy to move throughout the body. Ancient cultures such as Acupuncture charts and Chakra charts show these meridians and pressure points where the energy runs through the body. The practice of "tapping" or Emotional Freedom Therapy also uses these principles of pressure points and meridians to clean out trapped negative energy which can cause all manners of physical ailments. The slow movements along with controlled breathing connect the Vargas nerve of the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system allowing for the release of anxiety and stress. The movement of energy also works with the physical body to warm tendons, ligaments, and muscles; tonify vital organs and connective tissue; and promote circulation of body fluids (blood, synovial, lymph). There are thousands of studies and personal testimonies about the regenerative and healing effects of Qigong.